Shark S900c Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


Widely advertised as an aggressive, incredibly versatile and balanced helmet, the Shark S900-c is designed to replace the earlier S900 model, with just a few modifications here and there coupled with some rather nifty features, such as new shell construction, an ergonomically improved sun visor and Shark’s innovative integrated ‘Air Pump’ system (more later). Shark want us to think of the S900c as a kind of ‘upgrade,’ a self-assured ‘top-of-the-line’ helmet for street riding but with all the practical functionality you’d expect from a ‘sports touring’ helmet and that’s comfortable and secure.

But what do owners think about living with the 900C…

  • Model now discontinued. Try our recommended retailers below for good deals
  • 1.5kg
  • Sizes S-XL
  • Micrometric locking
  • Quite noisy
  • Ergonomic internal sun visor
  • Very comfortable with integrated air pump system
  • Good for glasses wearers
  • Prices typically range from £120-£160 depending on retailer/model

Best places to buy a Shark S900C?

It’s now been updated, but the last time we checked, the S900C was still available at these recommended stores. And if you buy from one, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

Buy from SportsBikeShop

Shark S900C in Code colour scheme showing integral sun visor

Safety and Construction

First off, the S900c has yet to receive a SHARP rating, though this might not be of paramount concern as the entire Shark range has achieved consistently high marks in all SHARP safety tests so far (ranking them joint 3rd in our look at the safest crash helmet brands). The S900c model scored four out of five stars during Sharks own rigorous in-house assessments, plus the helmet meets the usual EU ECE safety standard.

As soon as it gets SHARP tested you will be the first to know.

The helmet itself is constructed from an injected thermoplastic resin, which in layman’s terms means it’s plastic that’s injected into the mould in liquid form before being cooled. Thermoplastics have long been used for helmets and lots of other gear that needs to be tough and light weight. It’s also relatively cheap compared to laminates and composite helmets. But don’t let that put you off – some of our top 10 best performing helmets are thermoplastic so you shouldn’t have a problem there.

The fact that it’s light weight has been mentioned by many a S900c owner, which means it’s an easy helmet to live with and reduces fatigue on the neck when you’re in the saddle for long distances. So bonus points earned here.

Another contemporary feature is the quick release micrometric fastener; if you’ve not used one before, we love em. It’s a simple toothed design where a sharp tug on a tab quickly opens the chin strap – a good safety feature if you’re involved in an accident (or after ten hours on the bike and you’re desperate to get your sweaty lid off!)

Rear view of the Shark S900C showing air pump controls underneath

You could be risking your health wearing an ill-fitting helmet – so the Shark have tried to combat this and improve fitting in the S900c helmet by adding something called their ‘integrated air pump system’, allowing you to adjust the internal dimensions of the helmet for (what Shark say) is a perfect fit by pumping air into the liner. Users maintain that this is the most impressive part of the helmet design by far, especially by those who possess rather small heads and have to experience that hazardous moment when the head turns sharply right but the helmet stays facing straight ahead! Believe me it can happen, even with a fully fastened chin-strap (I speak from alarming personal experience here!).

Many owners thought the air pump might be a bit of a gimmick or not work very well but most reckon it’s actually not and it does! So, another bonus point earned here and maybe it’ll be something we’ll see in other helmets in the future (as long as Shark haven’t patented the arse out of the idea!).

Size and Comfort

The S900c helmet comes in five sizes, XS-XL, with the usual removable and washable lining made of a microfibre fabric. Comfort and fit is enhanced by the aforementioned integrated air pump system, situated in each cheek sack. Users report that the ‘Air Pump’ system is very easy to use; to inflate you simply press a button on the cheek pad to inflate/deflate. But even without it, owners say it’s a pretty comfortable helmet.

Wind Noise

Wind noise is not one of the helmets strongest points, receiving mostly poor reviews on the whole, with an approximate 70/30 split between users experiencing quite a lot of noise to very little noise at all. This is somewhat surprising considering its new design features but if you are the type of biker who wears ear plugs, then this shouldn’t be an issue for you.

In defence of the S900c, I have yet to find a helmet that totally eliminates all outside noise though you have to feel that the 900Cs logos that stand up from the shell surface won’t help one little bit. Most manufacturers are at pains to make their helmets as slippery as possible yet Shark make the Shark logo on the front and the model number on the side stand proud to catch the wind. Some folks report that the top vents are fairly noisy too.

Look here if for reviews of only the quietest crash helmets on the market.

Top air intakes of the S900C dual black


As any self-respecting biker knows, the efficiency of their helmet ventilation can easily be influenced by a number of outside factors, such as their height, the bike’s seating position, the size of the windscreen, speed and so on.

Notwithstanding this, the S900c rates above average on ventilation, with the majority of users reporting ample air flow and no annoying high-pitched whistling. The helmet has an adjustable ventilation system, consisting of two top vents and a bottom chin vent. All vents can be opened and closed, the lower vent being the easiest to operate, even with gloves, and consists of a long narrow vertical switch, which emits a loud click when opening and closing. When the lower ventilation is open the breath guard and well-padded chin cover can be easily removed. This lower ventilation is also designed to direct a constant flow of air over the visor to prevent mist forming, though some reports do remark upon a certain degree of fogging at low speeds (though this is sorted by adding the Pinlock – see below).

The top vents consist of narrow plastic strips that open and close via a basic sliding switch. Owners reckon these are a bit of a disappointment on the whole, with several comments referring to them as being rather ‘cheap’ and/or ‘flimsy’ and noisy.


One of the most important features on any helmet is a good visor and I am pleased to report that the S900c helmet scores highly here. The helmet comes complete with a 2.2mm clear visor, which has an excellent optical quality to it, providing the user with well-defined all round vision. The visor shuts with good solidity and seals well against the visor seat (with one or two exceptions where an owner reported it didn’t seal properly but was sorted with a return to the retailer).

Shark S900C in foret colour scheme

As you would expect the visor is anti-scratch and it’s also Pinlock-ready (though doesn’t necessarily come with one when you buy) which users found to be highly effective. For those who have attempted to spray their own visor with the latest ‘recommended’ anti-fog product, and failed abysmally, you will appreciate just how great and effective Pinlocks are!

A really impressive feature here is the face shield removal system. Removal is an easy process, a quick press on a pivot point, a gentle push, a little slide and ‘hey presto,’ the visor slides right off. Re-installation can be somewhat tricky, but it’s the old story of ‘once you know how’ and then it’s a doddle. A quick re-alignment and the visor should click into place with no great difficulty. Owners like this.

Another much-loved feature is the integral drop down sun visor. It’s one of the main reasons owners bought the helmet because it means you don’t need to carry a spare visor with you and you don’t get caught out when the sun starts to set. They’re awesome and it works well on the 900c.

The Shark team has given considerable thought to glasses-wearers too, leaving plenty of space within this visor and sides of the helmet for glasses to be worn in comfort. A big ‘thumbs up’ here me thinks.

Looks and Graphics

Bizarrely named ‘comfort hedge’ ~
S900C colour scheme!

Colour schemes and graphics are somewhat subjective, but a quick browse on the Shark website will show you the vast range of ‘jazzy’ paint and design options that are currently available, including a rather groovy ‘glow in the dark’ option for those of you who like to spend their spare time riding in the gloom (bring on winter riding 🙁

Best places to buy a Shark S900C helmet?

It’s now been updated, but the last time we checked, the S900C was still available at these recommended stores. And if you buy from one, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

Buy from SportsBikeShop

Other Stuff – communicators

For those of you who use communicators/bluetooth and need to install speakers, the S900c has an in-built cavity in the sides of the lining, with people stating that the speakers nestle nicely in the helmet without squeezing your ears.


So what’s the verdict? Well the Shark S900c is a decent helmet that scores highly in comfort and design. All the important bits you would like to work do and do rather well, the only let down being it’s a bit noisy and the anti-fog isn’t quite up to the competition unless you get a Pinlock. However, the S900c offers good value for money, is mostly well built and is available with a wide range of optional extras, such as titanium linings, additional Pinlocks and tinted visors, as well as a full five year warranty.


You might want to look at our Top 10 helmet list to find our current favourite helmets. If you’re looking to buy a mid-priced full faced helmet, one very good alternative in the same price range is the HJC IS17 – another medium priced helmet that is outstanding for safety, noise and ventilation and also has an integral sun visor. There’s also the Nolan N86, a 4 star rated full faced helmet that comes with a Pinlock and also has an integral sun visor. Both these helmets are brilliant performers at a sensible price point.

If you’ve experience of the Shark S900C, let us know what you reckon by adding a comment below or fill out the form and we’ll publish it – the site’s based mostly on feedback from users and owners like you so we’d genuinely love to know what you think.

Best places to buy a Shark S900C?

It’s now been updated, but the last time we checked, the S900C was still available at these recommended stores. And if you buy from one, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

Buy from SportsBikeShop
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  1. Picked this up for £102 at motoblouz, a French outlet, but arrived by DPD in 4 days. Agree with all the above but add the breath guard is not removabe and for me is more of a hindrance. Plus when used with the pin lock it’s just not needed. It is noisy too but again with plugs is fine. Vents are poor and pointless mind and the air pump is a gimmick for me. That all said it’s hell of a lot of helmet for £100 and with a tinted visor looks really smart.

  2. Hi, I’ve been looking for a Shark RSR2 V Kinetic Schwarz XL in gold colouring for ages!! I wondered with your experience if you could locate one for me. Kind regards Steve

    • Hi Steve, click the link to FC Moto above and it’ll take you to the Shark pages there. They sell the RSR and, I may be wrong, but isn’t that the Kinentic Schwarz (or black) in gold? When I looked they don’t have an XL in stock, but might be worth asking them if they can get you one?


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