A bit about Caberg Motorbike Helmets

There’s not a huge amount of information to be found online about Caberg to be honest. Not even the Google Streetview car’s been down near the factory for us to take a peek. Caberg helmets was founded in 1974 near Bergamo in Northern Italy and now exports its motorbike helmets throughout Europe, with a particular focus on Germany and the UK (as well as Italy).

Caberg’s helmets tend to be at the lower end of the pricing spectrum. That’s not to say there’s much budget about their construction with, out of seven helmets tested, six score four or above (out of five) in the SHARP crash helmet safety testing scheme.

They’re a fairly small manufacturer but they’ve recently expanded their operation to increase production and testing areas. Their testing and QA ensures their helmets meet the required European ECE 22.05 safety standard (a batch testing standard which ensures manufacturers of motorbike crash helmets produce a consistent product which offers high levels of safety protection. More on ECE testing here).

Caberg carry out three main tests: a shock absorption test, a rigidity test (both fairly self-expanatory) and a retention test (ensuring the safety strap is fit for purpose and keeps the helmet securely fastened during and after an impact).

For further information on Caberg motorbike helmets, see our Caberg helmet section or check out their website.

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Caberg V2R-R Chrono crash helmets
The 5-Star Caberg V2R-R in Chrono design scheme

Interested in Buying a Caberg Crash Helmet?

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buy Caberg Crash Helmet
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