Bell M1 Review: Crash Helmets for Sale

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Summary: Bell’s entry-level motorcycle crash helmet is rated top for safety, has good finish and is light. Noise levels are good and it comes with an anti-fog visor. No major problems reported and it’s good value for money. A recommended buy in our crash helmets for sale section.

  • 5 Star SHARP safety rated (maximum score)
  • Weight 1.35Kg (light)
  • ACU Gold Star (for track use)
  • Double-D Ring fastening
  • Typical price about £145 (though now discontinued)

Even though it seems Bell helmets have always been around, it seems they’re not that popular in the UK. Which is surprising, because they’ve been at the cutting-edge of motorycle crash helmet design for a long time – since 1954 in fact. And most of their crash helmets score the maximum 5 out of 5 SHARP safety rating! So let’s take a look at one of those 5 star rated helmets, the entry-level crash helmet in Bell’s range – the Bell M1.

The Bell M1 comes in two shell sizes which is OK as those two outer shells will cover the 6 available sizes (XS-XXL) reasonably well – meaning internal padding won’t need to be too thick or thin to cover the extremes of sizes (click the link to find out more). The Bell Europe website states it’s constructed of composite fibre which isn’t particularly descriptive as both fibreglass and carbon fibre are composites. However, with a 5 star rating, you can be sure it’ll do its job well. It’s also the lightest full faced helmet we’ve seen on this site weighing in at 1.35 kilos which is exceptional.

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The shell has also been wind tunnel tested to be slippery and reduce buffeting – something users agree is noticeably better than many other helmets – and it’s pretty quiet too. What’s slightly less good is the paint finish. Of course we’re used to exceptional standards in higher priced helmets (and let’s not forget this is Bell’s entry-level helmet) but the lacquer on some patterned helmets have been reported to be a bit ripply.

Bell M1 crash helmet in Matt Black

However, and certainly for the price, build quality and finish (other than the lacquer) is generally reported as good (one user said it was better than the Aria’s and Shoei’s he’d had!).

No complaints about comfort either – though a couple of guys with glasses said they found it difficult to get them to fit. The M1 has both removable cheek pads and liner so keeping things stink free should be pretty easy (if you want to know the best ways to clean the inside or outside of your lid, please click the links). Of course, as with any crash helmet, it’s important to get the right fit – but if you do, the M1 is a nice place to be and well designed for riders – with one rider commenting that it gives great vision looking up when you’re cranked over and driving out of a bend.

Something else that’s commonly agreed is good is ventilation. It’s got the usual chin and forehead vents which do a pretty good job, though the chin vents can be fiddly to operate and a couple of guys mentioned it was difficult to get it to close fully. Having said that, it’s reported the design of the vents and chin guard, coupled with the anti-fog visor, mean it’s hard to get it to fog up, even in low temperatures.

However, there are some negative comments about the visor. One guy mentioned a problem with getting the visor to shut properly (it still leaked air a little) and another complained that it doesn’t open far enough – when fully open you can barely see below the bottom edge and it didn’t open far enough for him to get his glasses on. However, for others, it was fine.

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Please click below to visit the Bell helmets pages at our recommended stores. And if you buy from one, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you - a massive THANKS! (it's how we finance the site).

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Bell M1 Street ST crash helmet

Overall, the Bell M1 is well received. It’s not a mega-budget level helmet by any means, but it’s the entry level Bell helmet and it’s good quality. It’s as safe as they come and finish is good for the price. It’s also ACU Gold stickered and has effective Double-D ring fasteners (as do all ACU Gold helmets). It’s comfortable, decent ventilation and quietish. For the price, it’s a well recommended helmet.
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Star Ratings

bell m1 star ratings


  1. I`m VERY impressed with the amount of fresh air flowing through these new vents !! I can`t really ever see it misting up !! If that`s the case, then this would be a genuine first for me and all the helmets that i`ve tried out since the `70s. It fits well, looks good and gives me confidence when i`m wearing it. 10/10 BELL !!!!


  3. Had one for 6years in Lawson colours.Comfy ,light and quiet enuff.No problems with visor system,very simple to operate.Bought an other one now and still happy with it.Its a cheap helmet but performs well.

  4. It’s the worst helmet I’ve ever bought cheap built and changing visor is a total nightmare had it two weeks and binned it . Lets wind in . Bought a hjc top helmet . Would not recommend bell to anyone .

  5. brilliant lid had mine for a year ,m1, only problem is the visor doesn’t shut properly fairly large gap at the bottom which makes your eyes water in the cold. but ts the best lid by far for the money comfortable doesn’t do it justice I love it


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