How to Change an AGV Crash Helmet Visor (in this case an S-4)

Apart from my first ever full face crash helmet in the early 80’s, the S-4 is my only experience of AGV. First impressions are that this particular model is light and a nice place to be – although it does feel fragile. I also found the visor scratched almost immediately – read about that here. So I needed to remove the visor. But I really couldn’t figure out how to do it. Most visors from the well known crash helmet makers are really obvious and easy to remove. But with the AGV, I pulled and I fiddled, but I couldn’t get it off.

So after extensive research where I still couldn’t suss it out – I eventually found one post on an obscure forum that told me how to do it. And so, dear friends, now I’m a master, I thought I’d produce a quick guide that will help others out a little more.

How to change an AVG visor (at least this one)AVG-S4-crash-helmet-visor-removal

1. The first thing to note is that you first have to release one side of the visor. Looking face on at the helmet, it’s the side to the right. Note, you can click on the photo on the right and zoom in on it to see lots of detail.

2. Open up the visor to its fullest extent and you’ll notice a tiny plastic lever protruding from the edge of the visor. Miniscule innit? Well that’s why you had to find this daft guide to help you change your crash helmet visor!

3. Push up the lever as far as it’ll go (or as far as your sausage fingers will allow!). There, see – the visor’s still stuck in place!

4. That’s because you need to do step 4. While you’re pushing the lever up, gently (or not so gently!) pull the visor towards you and slightly even more open. That should pull the bottom two guides out of their sliders and allow you to release that side of the helmet.

5. Now move to the other side of the visor. Pulling the visor away from the helmet slightly, close the visor and push it even further past closed. That should unhook the guides on that side of the visor too and the whole visor should come away. Tadaaaa!

6. Replacement is the reverse and should now be dead easy. Job’s a good un.

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  1. Même problème de rayures sur mon agv S4, le vendeur m’avais changé la visière mais rebelote, bref je m’étais pris la tête avec et avais laissé le casque sur l’étagère, mais aujourd’hui j’ai envie de le remettre, ou trouver une visière valable

  2. Great guide, I was going a bit mad trying to get my visor off! I watched/read other guides and was still confused until I stumbled across this one and its all important Step 4. Thank you!


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