A look at some popular Open Face Crash Helmets


I kinda still fancy myself as a bit of an outlaw. An older, greying git I may be, but inside I’ve still got some of that 18 year old black leather clad oik I used to be. I’ve always had a thing for open face crash helmets too. There’s something scary and exhilarating about having your chops exposed to the elements when you’re blasting along. Exhilarating because you’re at the mercy of the wind and the rain, the bugs and the stones. Scary because you feel that much more vulnerable without a chin guard.

Which was always one of the arguments the anti-helmet law folks used to say – that people wearing crash helmets feel safer so they take more risks. There might be an element of truth in it – and there might well be truth that you need a chin guard to give you a decent level of protection in an accident. But I still kinda fancy an open face crash helmet for the odd occasion I feel brave (or stupid).

So here’s a look at some of the coolest open face crash helmets currently on the market.

Davida Jet

Davida JetLooks cool, it’s quiet, leather lining, British made. We like.

Viper RS-16


Viper-RS-16-Open-Face-crash -HelmetsCheap, entry level lid with fake leather interior. Looks kinda (and functional) cool though.

Les Ateliers Ruby Belvedere

Belvédère crash Helmet-Les-Ateliers-RubyTop quality French helmet with pivoted visor. Expensive and rare over here.

V-Can V500-1

V-Can V500-1Budget thermoplastic helmet but with a classic style. Has peak or bubble screen attachments.

Note, apart from the fact that common sense dictates that open face crash helmets are less protective than full face helmets, SHARP don’t seem to test open faced helmets. However, given that they’re not as safe as full faced helmets, some folks do choose to use them (especially off-road riders who need unobstructed peripheral vision) so we will be reviewing some in the not too distant future.

For other helmet reviews check out either our  Crash Helmet Reviews or SHARP 4 & 5 Star Crash Helmet reviews sections! And if you’ve tried any of these helmets, we’d love to hear what you think by commenting below. Thanks! Billy.





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