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MT is reckoned to be a massive name in Spain and becoming increasingly recognised over here in Blighty. And with flip-up helmets becoming more and more popular, I thought it’d be worth taking a look at one that’s pretty cheap and that’s just been nominated by MCN as it’s No.1 flip up.

The thing about the MT Flux is that its got pretty well all the features you’d want in a modular lid at a really low price (which is why it was rated by MCN as its No.1). Its chin bar opens at the touch of a button, its got an integral sun visor and it’s got a decent, solid feel to it. Like all helmets for sale in the EU, it has been ECE 22-05 approved. It’s also been SHARP tested where it scored an extremely respectable 4/5 stars for safety which is very good.

However, for flip-up helmets, SHARP also report on how many times the chin guard remains fully locked after an impact and unfortunately the Flux scored very badly here, remaining locked and closed in only 40% of impacts (the tested average is 77% for flip-up helmets).

Also, as far as I could find out, the Flux hasn’t been dual-homologated either, so that means it’s not been given the thumbs up to give the level of protection a full face helmet will, rather it’s just been approved for use in the same way an open faced helmet has – unlike the Roof Desmo or AGV Compact.

MT Flux crash helmet in gloss white
MT Flux looking nice in Gloss White

That said, the Flux has got that modern aerodynamic, angular look that’s designed to reduce drag and turbulence and most owners reckon it’s pretty good in that respect – though it has to be said that the level of buffeting you’ll feel is always very much dependent on what sort of bike you ride and whether you’ve got a fairing or not.

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Other stuff: the MT Flux has a thermoplastic shell available in the usual XS-XXL sizes and has removable lining so you can rag it out and wash the stink out from time to time! It’s fastened by a micrometric fastener – which are increasingly popular and, if you’ve not come up against one before, they’re really easy to use (find out more on our micrometric page). What else? Well, its got a decent, thick visor, is generally regarded as comfortable and comes in four colours – gloss black/white, moody matt black and decidedly un-moody flu yellow.

Front view of the MT Flux crash helmet
Front view of the MT Flux

So how much will all this flip-up goodness cost? Well you can pay loads for flip-ups of course – check out the Schuberth C3 review to see one of the most expensive (and best performing) – but prices for the MT Flux (at the time of typing) are around £90 which is a whole lotta features for the price.

For other helmet reviews check out either our Crash Helmet Reviews or for the safest helmets on the market, check the SHARP 4 & 5 Star Crash Helmet reviews section! And if you’ve ever worn an MT Flux helmet, please comment below and let us all know what you think. Thanks!

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And finally here’s a video showing how to change the visor on the MT Flux (might come in handy?)

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