Review of the SHARP 5 star safety rated HJC FG-ST full face motorcycle crash helmet

HJCs mid-priced fibreglass jack-of-all-trades full face helmet

HJC have made a name for themselves in producing great value, great performing helmets. And the HJC FG-ST sits slap bang in the middle of their helmet range, offering lots of the kind of features you need in a road bike helmet but in a competitively priced  fibreglass package.

On paper, it’s not the lightest and it’s certainly not the sportiest, more one of those jack-of-all-trades helmets that try to offer the best of all worlds. But that’s quite an ask in a section of the helmet market that massively competitive.

So, let’s check out what features the FG-ST offers, what owners think of them and whether it deserves to take a share of your hard-earned dosh.

Note: the HJC FG-ST is no longer available. Why not click a link below to choose from one of our Top 10 Best rated crash helmets?

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  • Mid-priced full face helmet
  • SHARP 5 star safety rated (maximum score)
  • Fibreglass shell
  • Drop down sun visor
  • Pinlock Max Vision anti fog included
  • Double-d ring fastener
  • 1.6 Kg (heavier than average)
  • Ride magazine recommended
  • Expect to pay £180-£230

Looking to buy an HJC FG-ST?

HJC FG-ST’s aren’t widely available now, but the last time we checked you could still buy one at Amazon UK. Please click below to drop straight onto an HJC FG-ST page Amazon. And if you buy a helmet from them, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).


hjc-fg-st-motorcycle-crash-helmet-crucial-graphics-side-viewHJC have gone and done it again. If you’re able to spend £200ish on your next helmet and want something with all the features, bells and whistles you could ask for in a helmet that offers a maximum safety rating, then you should really check out an HJC FG-ST.

It’s well built too and comes with a Pinlock Max Vision in the box (shouldn’t all helmets for those cold and rainy days?). OK it’s not the lightest but owners don’t seem to care.

If you’re in the market for a fibreglass full face helmet, then the HJC FG-ST is well worth taking a look. Or for alternatives we’d recommend, skip to the bottom of the page.


The HJC FG-ST is made in two shell sizes – which is OK for looks and safety but not the best, especially if you’re at the extreme ends of the fitment sizes (read here why).

hjc-fg-st-metal-white-motorcycle-crash-helmet-side-viewHaving said that, it has been tested by the SHARP helmet testing labs where it scored top marks – that’s a five star rating – putting it into a very select group of just 56 helmets ever that’ve scored maximum marks (and most of those are no longer available).

So if you’re looking for a new helmet and safety is your top priority, then you probably ought to check out the HJC FG-ST (or any one of the other SHARP 5 star helmets we’ve reviewed).

In addition to an excellent overall safety rating, it has a number of other features that make for a safer helmet:

There’s a nice large visor with visor lock in the middle – a large visor aperture helps with life-savers when you’re checking for other vehicles and the visor lock could be useful in an accident in stopping rocks and muck entering the visor.

The visor also comes with a Pinlock Max Vision anti fog insert (see visor section below) which is obviously useful for making sure you can see out of the visor when it’s cold and rainy.

Rear view of the FG ST Void

There’s also a double-d ring fastener – they’re great for making you tighten the strap just right with every trip – though they can be a bit fiddly until you’re used to them.

So, as far as safety goes, the HJC FG-ST seems to be pretty damn good and ticks lots of boxes – so gets our maximum rating.

Helmet Noise

Noise levels are always a tricky one to evaluate as it’s soooo subjective. When we research some helmets, there’s so many wildly conflicting opinions, we’ve simply gotta plump for an average rating.

That’s less of the case with the HJC FG-ST as most owners we came across rated it as pretty good – or at least better than their previous helmets. A couple said it has decent noise insulation. Another said it was a bit loud but removing his screen (which directed the air onto his helmet) quietened things down loads!

All things considered, owners seem to regard the HJC FG-ST as a reasonably quiet helmet.

It’s worth saying though that it’s a relative concept and that zamming through the air at 80mph is always going to cause some noise. So you’re always best sticking in a pair of decent ear plugs to properly quieten things down – then you’ll probably be more or less OK with any helmet you buy.

Top vents and rear exhaust visible on this FG-ST Besty


Ventilation on the HJC FG-ST is provided by a double chin vent operated by a single up/down switch and double crown vents with switches behind the vent.

It has what HJC call ACS or Advanced Channeling Ventilation System (shouldn’t that be ACVS??) – which in reality means it’s got the same ventilation system you’ll find in most helmets these days. Namely, channels are moulded into the shock absorbing polystyrene lining allowing air to enter the helmet via the vents in the shell and be directed around the scalp via the channels.

The air then gets warm and sweaty and is then directed towards the three rear exhaust vents.

So does it work?

Well, word is that it’s pretty good. One owner said it’s great, even in the height of summer, and a few more said they work well giving a decent amount of air onto the head – though the MCN reviewer reckoned they could be more effective.

Note helmet comes with clear visor and Pinlock Max Vision – not smoked visor

Another said ventilation was OK but he found the helmet seals so well – especially with the breath guard and chin curtian fitted – that his Pinlock fogged up in the rain and the chin vent struggled to cope!


The HJC FG-ST has a nice large visor aperture. That’s great for improved visibility both on the road and on the track.

So, that means the visor itself has to be nice and big – and if it has a Pinlock, as the FG ST does, then that’s gonna have to be nice and big too. Thankfully, the HJC FG-ST comes with a Pinlock-ready visor and Pinlock Max Vision in the box. That’s the large-size Pinlock anti fog insert that sits in a recess in the back of the visor and covers pretty well all the visible area of the visor.

Pinlocks can fog up in extreme circumstances – but for most day-to-day riding, they should keep your visor nice and fog free.

The visor itself has as locking mechanism front and centre – so close the visor and it’ll auto-lock. That can be seen as a useful safety feature – especially if you’re intending taking your helmet to the track – and usually they only need you to slightly modify your usual visor-opening technique to get the hang of it. But have a go and get used to it before you go for a ride – some folks can find them a little tricky to get used to.

Crono orange version (comes in yellow, red & white too)

A final thing to say about the main visor is that it’s got HJCs Rapid Fire quick release visor system. They’re great and make removing/replacing the visor a piece of cake.

Sun Visor

Of course, the HJC FG-ST also has a drop down sun visor. If you’ve not had a helmet with a sun visor on before, we recommend trying one. They’re really useful to have on board and even if you only use it when you forget your shades (or replacement tinted visor) it can be a godsend to have one there when you need it.

Even if you decide you don’t like a sun visor, it really wouldn’t get in the way with the HJC FG-ST because the slider to operate it is tucked away to the left of the visor pivot so you don’t even notice it’s there.

The sun visor on the HJC FG-ST is an up-or-down type though, so if you like to fiddle about with a sun visor and have it at an intermediate position, you might want to look elsewhere (like our helmets with a sun visor section!)

Rear spoiler and exhaust vents on the HJC FG-ST Cinnati

Comfort & Sizing

The HJC FG-ST is available in sizes XS-XXL. As with many helmets, you need to get a nice secure fitting when new (see our fitting guide here) and things can loosen off slightly as you wear it more.

None more so than with HJCs from the reports we read. So make sure it feels nice and tightish at first and the slight bit of give over time should mean you get a good fit.

Owners reckon the HJC FG-ST is a comfortable place to be – though if you’re endowned with a larger than average sized hooter it’s worth being aware that a couple of owners said theirs touches the inside of the visor.

Other than that, HJC have made a good quality interior using their Silvercool material. That’s a liner laced with slivers of silver thead which gives it antibacterial properties and so keeps your lining pong-free for longer. It’s also moisture wicking and removable/washable.

And if you find the sizing not quite right, there’s a range of different sized cheek pads available so you can fine tune the internals to your liking (though they’re extra).

Top view of the shy & retiring FG-ST Punisher

Looks & Graphics

It’s a pretty cool looking helmet and it comes in a range of classy finishes.

There’s the Rubbertone which is effectively the matt black version but with a soft touch finish to it. There’s the metal, which is the white or black gloss versions – and then there’s an ‘I want to scare kids’ Punisher version that’s matt black with a skull on the sides and top.

At the time of typing there’s another five graphics with different colour variations in most – that’s the Crucial, Crono, Cinnati, Void and Besty graphics (conveniently enough, I think I like the Besty bestest – that’s the top image!). We’ve dotted them all up and down this page – but please visit our recommended retailer links below to see the latest prices and graphics. Ta.

Best place to buy an HJC FG-ST?

HJC FG-ST’s aren’t widely available now, but the last time we checked you could still buy one at Amazon UK. Please click below to drop straight onto an HJC FG-ST page Amazon. And if you buy a helmet from them, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).


We simply couldn’t find an English language version of an HJC FG-ST video on YouTube so we’ve had to plump for an Italian version. Just turn the sound down, put on some tunes and this 2m video gives you a quick look around the FG-ST.

Other stuff – weight, glasses, buffeting, build quality, chin curtain, warranty

This one’s the FG-ST Rubbertone

Weight – it weighs around 1.6Kg in size L which is heavier than the average full face helmet (though some owners report it doesn’t feel heavy). It also has a glasses groove in the lining meaning it should be a bit easier to put glasses on and their stems shouldn’t press into the side of your head.

Build quality is generally very good with HJC and a few owners said the same for the FG-ST. And because it’s been designed in a wind tunnel, the aero seems effective too with owners reporting it’s particularly stable with little buffeting.

Final two things – there’s a chin curtain and breath guard included in the box, and it comes with a one year warranty (shame – some come with 5 year warranties these days).

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Alternatives to the HJC FG-ST?

OK, assuming you’re after a full face helmet with a very good rating for safety that’s not going to break the bank, we recommend you check these helmets out.

Plain metal gloss black version of the FG-ST

First, there’s that other HJC helmet the IS-17 – that’s another SHARP 5 star helmet that’s got a polycarbonate shell and retails for about £50 less than the FG-ST.

There’s also the 5 star rated AGV GT Veloce that’s a composite fibre sports-oriented helmet with a big visor aperture. Prices start about where the FG-ST leaves off though so you’ll have to dig a bit deeper for that one.

Or how about an X-Lite X-702 GT – that’s another SHARP 5 star composite helmet that’s light and excels in pretty well everything (noise, comfort and ventilation). Again, it’s a tad pricier than the HJC though.

Finally, if you’d rather spend less than the HJC but still want the excellent safety rating, check out an MT Revenge – that’s a 5 star safety rated lid that’s light and retails for half the price (polycarb version) or still slightly less than the FG-ST for the full carbon version.

Looking to buy an HJC FG-ST?

HJC FG-ST’s aren’t widely available now, but the last time we checked you could still buy one at Amazon UK. Please click below to drop straight onto an HJC FG-ST page Amazon. And if you buy a helmet from them, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

More HJC crash helmet reviews/info?

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Star Ratings

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review-sharp-5-star-safety-rated-hjc-fg-st-full-face-motorcycle-crash-helmetThe HJC FG-ST is a great crash helmet. Not only is it comfortable, well built and with a great pair of visors (main and sun visor), it also comes with a free Pinlock Max Vision insert and has a SHARP five star safety rating. Phew! It's a great package at a competitive price - and we recommend you check one out if you're after a new all-rounder motorcycle helmet!


  1. I have this helmet for half a year or so. I bought it because Billy said this is a silent one and compared to my low end previous helmets this baby really performs. I mainly use it for commuting and the noise dampening is superb. Ventilation options are limited, but more than enough for my needs. I’m wearing glasses, so fogging was an issue, because the chin insert blocked the exhalated air. It can be easily removed so not an issue anymore. The shade lowering mechanism is a bit rude and if you have a big nose it is prone to hit it like a guillotine, so beware :)), but otherwise is a nice addition.

    Overall this baby is a really well built mid priced, comfy helmet which provides excellent noise dampening. Definetly recommended.

  2. I’ve had this helmet for a couple of years and have only one complaint, but it’s a big one.

    The vents allow small bugs to get inside whilst riding, and you can feel them crawling about inside.

    Time for a change for me

  3. So far, I have used one HJC-FGST for about 6.000 km and the remarks are: 1. “ANTI FOG”? Well, untill I used pin lock – in summer and windrer conditions – the helmet was defenetely not “anti fog” design. After the pin lock insert, the problem is solved 90%. 2. SUN VISOR? Oh God, every time I drop iit down, no matter the weather conditions, it is fogged!! Of course, after a 1 minute use with the main visor open the problem stops and it does not repeat if you doo not stop traveling and do not close all the air vents. 3. NOISE. Ahhhhhh. Too much noise with the air vents open – especially the ones on the top – even at low speeds (70 km/h). In normal to high speeds (130 – 200 km/h) can not afford noise. But with the air vents closed is ok. My previous helmets were Spartan by Shark and other Sharks…! They all had problem with the noise but not that much as HJC FGST. 4. SEAL. I have to admit that the visor seals excellent. 5. AIR!!! Yes, it is not that mach hot ( I live in a hot place – Athens, capital of Greece). Nut in Summer you can not say it is breezy. 6. BUILD QUALITY. Seems to be medium to good level. Have dropped it sometimes (gently drop down) and it is difficult even to scratch it. But , the fastener ring (Double-D) is too narrow (in my previous helmets it was wider) and the outer side of the ring has edges that can cause pain during the use if you have normal wide size fingers as I do. The lining is not that good quality, seems cheap , but it still looks as new after a few washes. I would prefer a better quality chin strap (at least at the feeling).


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