Spada Reveal modular helmet gets 1 star safety rating


Spada Reveal: functionally great, but SHARP reveals question marks over safety.

The Spada Reveal is a polycarbonate modular helmet from British brand Spada.

spada reveal mat black modular motorbike helmet
Matt black reveal
  • Polycarbonate modular helmet
  • Micrometric fastener
  • Built-in sun visor
  • Removable/washable liner
  • Sizes XS-XXL
  • Price £65-£80

The Spada Reveal’s a well-liked helmet. It’s a fantastic price for a modular helmet that owners rate as being comfortable, good quality and amazing value.

spada reveal sharp 8.5 ms helmet test score
Courtesy of Spada Reveal 2 8.5 m/s Impact test results.

Obviously, you want it to offer great protection too… and that’s where it falls down according to the UK’s independent helmet testing team at SHARP

Of course, the Reveal is ECE 22.05 tested/approved like every other helmet on sale in the UK.

That ECE rating means it’s passed a whole range of mandatory tests – the same tests every other helmet has to pass. But an ECE rating only guarantees a minimum level of protection – whereas SHARP results allow you to compare protection levels between helmets.

spada reveal tracker hi vis motorbike helmet
Front view of the Spada Reveal Tracker helmet

When SHARP tested the Spada Reveal, they found the chin bar remained locked and closed in 83% of the tests, which is pretty good for a modular.

Unfortunately, they found the rest of the helmet not quite as good because they rated it as giving poor levels of protection in the side impact tests and, overall, the Spada Reveal was given their lowest one star rating (out of a maximum five).

So, we’ve gotta recommend you give the Spada reveal a wide berth. But if you’re in the market for a new modular, then here’s some alternatives you might want to check out instead.

Good Alternatives to the Spada Reveal?

hjc c90 flip up helmet in gloss white side view
HJC C90 in gloss white

As always, we try and suggest good alternatives if you’re looking for a lower priced modular helmet.

HJCs C90 is a SHARP 4 star helmet (83% chin bar) with sun visor. It has an easy to use micrometric fastener and it’s liked for its comfort, RapidFire quick change visor and low price.

AGV Compact ST Mono matt grey helmet side view
AGV Compact ST Mono

The AGV Compact ST costs a little more but for the money you get a dual homologated SHARP 4 Star rated modular with Pinlock in the box and that’s great for bluetooth headsets.

caberg droid pure matt green helmet chin bar up
Caberg Droid Pure

The Caberg Droid is a SHARP 4 star safety rated modular with sun visor. Its chin bar scored 100% too and while its distinctive looks aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, the included Pinlock antifog and dual homologation very much are.

Caberg Duke 2

The Caberg Duke II is one of the few SHARP 5 star safety rated modulars. It comes with a Pinlock and sun visor, and it’s comfortable and reasonably light weight (for a modular).

If you’re looking for more alternatives, take a look at our Top 10 Modular Helmets page or maybe our look at the best protecting modular helmets.


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