Carbon composite FIM approved racing helmet. The Suomy SR-GP.


Suomy SR-GP FIM Motorcycle Racing/Track Helmet Review.

The Suomy SR-GP is the top-flight, lightweight, track-developed motorcycle helmet from Italian brand, Suomy.

suomy SR-GP carbon supersonic matt racing helmet side view
The Suomy SR-GP carbon supersonic

Not only is it designed to work for you on your sportsbike or trackday, but it’s also one of the few FIM approved racing helmets, approved for use in MotoGP.

So it’s ECE certified for use on the street, and it’s FIM approved for use in motorbike racing. Well, at least sizes XS-S-M are as they’re the sizes – I’m guessing here – worn by Francesco Bagnaia in MotoGP (and others in Moto2 and Moto3) as only the sizes used in the events get tested/approved.

So if you’re looking for a helmet for your sportsbike, and preferably one that’s got a real racing pedigree as well as maybe being a little different from the mainstream, then you might want to check out the details below to find out more about the Suomy SR-GP racing helmet.

Best places to buy a Suomy SR-GP?

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The Suomy GP-SR is a MotoGP and race-developed track helmet.

It uses a composite of carbon fibre, Kevlar and fibreglass to produce a helmet that has been FIM tested/approved for professional motorcycle racing – so you know it should do a great job of protecting you on the street too.

suomy SR-GP FIM racing helmet Bagnaia rep side view
This one’s the SR-GP Bagnaia MotoGP replica

It’s got a quick-release, class-one optically correct visor with visor lock. Given it’s used for racing, it’s very deep and wide too and it’s tear-off ready. It also comes with a Pinlock antifog insert in the box (along with helmet bag and soft luggage bag).

The SR-GP has four front vents mated to a pair of exhausts under the rear spoiler to keep the helmet well vented. And it’s very lightweight too, weighing in under 1.3Kg (3lbs) so it’ll not strain you unnecessarily on long track days.

It’s a premium level track helmet and it’s got a premium price. And with riders like Francesco Bagnaia and Peter Hickman wearing Suomi GP-SR’s, it should perform well (see the video further down the page to see what Hicky thinks about the helmet too).


(more about helmet safety)

The Suomy SR-GP has a shell made up of carbon fibre, Kevlar and fibreglass to make for a lightweight but strong shell.

It comes in four different shell sizes which is great for optimizing the fit, looks, weight and impact protection – and considering there’s only six fitment sizes (XS-XXL) then no single helmet shell should cover more than a couple of sizes.

Of course, in the UK it’s ECE certified (DOT certified if you buy one in the US) but a version of the SR-GP has also been FIM tested/approved. They’re the guys who control international circuit racing and they were keen to bring in their own testing regime to ensure racing helmets are up to the job.

suomy SR-GP Dovi replica motorcycle helmet rear side view
And a rear view of the Dovi replica – note EQRS red tabs underneath.

While the FIM has approved 3 sizes of the SR-GP, and while your helmet might look the same, technically only helmets with the FIM QR code stamped onto the strap are genuine FIM helmets. So, we’ll have to make do with the ECE helmet – although Suomy assures us they’re exactly the same helmets to the ones used by MotoGP riders.

And knowing it’s been developed by top-flight racers to conform with a variety of international standards should mean it’ll give excellent levels of protection and track performance.

Because it’s a race-bred helmet, it’s got a super wide/high visor aperture for excellent all-round vision. That visor’s class one optically correct too so no distortion (not that it’s usually much of a problem).

It comes with a Pinlock Max vision in the box to keep things fog-free at all times too. And it’s nice and light weight helmet, weighing under 1.3Kg (3lbs) – a comfortable and light weight helmet is not going to distract you while riding.

Like all track helmets, it’s secured onto your head using one of those old fashioned double-d ring fasteners like your old dad used to use. They’re old but they’re secure – the weakest link there is the sausage fingered rider trying to do it up right!

And finally, the SR-GP has a pair of emergency quick release cheek pads – probably something all helmets should have as a matter of course these days.


(more about helmet ventilation)

Keeping cool is a must on the track so Suomy has worked hard to add lots of vent holes in there.

There’s a single chin bar vent, taking air onto the back of the visor and around the mouth. There’s also a single central vent just above the visor and, further up, there’s a pair of head vents.

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All these top vents are operated by small switches to minimize airflow disruption – so they can be tricky to find in gloves. Still, most of us will set them before we ride and leave em so that might not be a problem for you?

Suomy sr-gp-onboard-red-blue motorcycle racing helmet side view
Profile shot of the Onboard graphic Suomy SR-GP. Note tear off visor post

If you want to modify the airflow through the chin vent, there’s an adjustable slider inside the chin bar – up to close, down to open. It also comes with an air filter fitted to stop flies and dust coming through into the helmet, which is a nice touch.

If you’d rather just have more air, you can pull off the air filter cover inside the helmet and take out the filter.

Out the back, there’s a pair of exhaust vents tucked away underneath the rear spoiler – placed there so the flow of air over the helmet will help draw out stale air from inside.

Inside the helmet, there’s the usual array of internal venting channels cut into the polystyrene liner, there to help air circulate around the head before leaving the helmet out the back.


(more about visors)

After the helmet shell, there’s probably more design work goes into the visor than any other part of the helmet. I mean, having a nice wide, tall, unobstructed view of the road (or track) has to be a key objective, right?

suomy SR-GP FIM track helmet white side view
Solid pearl white SR-GP. Remember all helmets come with clear visors, not smoke.

Well, Suomy looks to have done a great job with the SR-GP here. It’s a very wide, very tall aperture for great view of the road ahead while sat up or in a tuck position. Ignore all the pictures with a blacked out visor because all SR-GPs come with a stock clear visor, though you can buy everything from a light or dark smoked visor to a variety of iridium visors separately if that’s your thing.

That visor has tear off pegs on the outside, and Pinlock pins on the inside. It comes with a Pinlock Max Vision 120 antifog insert which should sort you out if it gets cold or wet or humid (I really rate Pinlocks).

The Suomy SR-GP also comes with an optically correct visor to minimise distortions. It’s not a biggie for most of us road riders but every little helps when you’re on the track and you’re looking to keep distractions to a minimum.

And like most other track helmets, the visor has a central lock on it too – close the visor fully, slide the tab right and the visor lock engages – slide left and it’s unlocked.

suomy SR-GP gamma matt red FIM racing helmet front view
Narrow front profile shot of the SR-GP Gamma

Seems a sensible system so the visor only locks when you really want it to – which is probably only when you’re on a track.

And of course, the visor is quick-change. It uses a common system where you open the visor fully, pull down a lever then pull off the visor. Nice, simple and intuitive.

Comfort and Sizing

(more about comfort and sizing)

Inside the Suomy SR-GP, there’s a breathable, moisture wicking and hypoallergenic liner.

It’s fully removable and washable, with those cheek pads being easier to remove because they’re emergency quick release (EQRS) cheek pads – quick release to help emergency workers more easily remove your helmet after an accident.

And if you need to adjust the internal fitment a little to get the fitting just right, you can always swap those stock cheek pads out for different sizes, available separately from Suomy retailers.

suomy SR-GP FIM racing helmet flat black side view
Flat black Suomy SR-GP

If you’re buying an SR-GP for long days at the track, it’s Suomy hydration system prepared too. That’s essentially a route for a tube to be fitted around the neck guard, up the cheek pad and through the chin bar. I’m sure that’ll only come in useful for 0.00001% of owners but it’s there if you want it.

Looks & Graphics

So that’s most of what the SR-GP actually offers. If you’re thinking of buying one, your next thought is probably about colours and graphics.

There’s actually quite a few available. Race reps are Bagnaia and Dovi as well as a Hickman (the guy showing you around the helmet in the video below). There’s also the Legacy, top racer, carbon supersonic, carbon glossy, on board, glory race, gamma, solid matt black and pearl white.

Best places to buy a Suomy SR-GP helmet?

Please click below to visit the Suomy SR-GP helmets pages at one of our recommended stores and Amazon. And if you buy from either, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

Suomy SR-GP Video

Here’s Peter Hickman taking you around his SR-GP and why he likes it for racing (aside from Suomy paying him loads of cash!).

Other stuff – weight, glasses, aero, chin curtain, warranty

It’ll change a little depending on which shell size you buy, but on average, the SR-GP weighs around 1.3Kg so it’s very much a lightweight helmet.

The SR-GP was actually designed to work with glasses, so you shouldn’t have a problem if you’re a glasses wearer.

suomy SR-GP Bagnaia rep FIM racing helmet side view
Another shot of the Bagnaia rep SR-GP

As usual for a track helmet, much work has gone into the aero qualities of the helmet, making for a slippery helmet that keeps buffeting to a minimum and stability high. Suomy quotes a drag coefficient of 0.39 which is pretty good in itself, though I don’t have any other helmet drag figures to compare it with.

The aero has also been designed for a smooth airflow over the helmet and has a rear spoiler to reduce air pressure around the exhaust vents and help with extracting air from inside the helmet.

Each Suomy SR-GP comes with a breath guard and chin curtain as standard.

They come with a regular 2 year warranty, which is a bit poor for a top end racing helmet (most are 5 year).

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Good Alternatives to the Suomy SR-GP?

Bell Pro Star

So you’re looking for a helmet that’ll work well with your sportsbike or for the track? Here’s a few we’d recommend you checking out.

Bell do a sport bike helmet to suit every budget with their Bell Star range. They’re all highly rated for performance and protection, with their top-dog Bell Pro Star being FIM homologated too.

Shoei X-Spirit III

Of course, the Shoei X-Spirit III has gotta be mentioned here. It’s got the full compliment of FIM/SHARP 5 star approvals, and it’s used by some of the biggest tickets in MotoGP, BSB, WSBK. Amazing helmet with great ventilation and stability.

Arai-corsair x-helmet-side-view
Arai RX-7V RC

Arai also do an equivalent – the Arai RX-7V – excellent helmet, FIM, Snell and SHARP 5 star rated, comes with a Pinlock and 5 year warranty. The Arai’s got the name but it’s also a tad heavier than the others.


If you’re wanting to spend much less money but you still want a good track helmet, the HJC FG-17 might well be the answer. It’s way cheaper but it’s got a fibreglass shell and it’s SHARP 4 Star safety rated so you know it’ll give you great protection.

If none of those fit the bill, you can jump onto our Top 10 Sportsbike and Track helmets page or our FIM approved motorcycle helmets page.

Best places to buy a Suomy SR-GP?

Please click below to visit the Suomy SR-GP helmets pages at one of our recommended stores and Amazon. And if you buy from either, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).


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