Schuberth C4 flip-up motorbike helmet


Schuberth’s new flip-front helmet – for touring and sportsbike riders

The new Schuberth C4 is a flip-up fibreglass helmet that’s designed to work for both touring and sportsbike riders. Schuberth say it’s been designed to be super slippery and mega strong as well as have a liner that ticks all the comfort/wicking/anti-bacterial boxes.

But one of its major selling points is that they’ve worked with bluetooth communicator specialists, Sena, to incorporate more or less everything you’ll need to wirelessly connect your helmet into the actual shell of the helmet. And that includes ariel, speakers and microphone. Nice.

From their blurb, it looks like they’ve thrown more or less everything they can think of at the C4. Which is a thumbs up from us. So let’s take a look…

  • Fibreglass modular helmet
  • Drop down sun visor
  • Large visor (vertically and horizontally)
  • Integrated ariel, mic & speakers
  • Micrometric fastener
  • 1.66Kg (3.6lbs) bang on average for a modular
  • Sizes XS-XXXL
  • 5 year warranty
  • Expect to pay £549 – £599

Looking to buy a Schuberth?

We recommend either Sportsbikeshop (UK) or GetGeared (UK) for outstanding service and competitive prices, or FC-Moto (Ger) for the good prices and the widest range. Please click any link to see their full range and latest prices, or see here for more info on these retailers.

Schuberth C4 in plain matt blue


Schuberth say the fabrication of their fibreglass shell, using a technique called DFP or direct fibre processing, makes for a much stronger shell. They also say their approach to producing an EPS or shock absorbing liner (which is now made in sections) will enhance shock absorption in different areas of the helmet.

Which is all fine and dandy – but does it work? Both these approaches sound very like the process Schuberth have been using for years on the C3 Pro and C3, so maybe we can get an idea from those helmets?

While the C4 is new to the market and so hasn’t been tested by the SHARP helmet testing labs yet, when they did test the old C3 it scored 3 stars (out of a possible 5). In fact, the average score across all tested Schuberth helmets so far is also 3 stars.

That’s a reasonable score (though you can find our top rated modular helmets here – with most scoring four or five stars) though of course it’s up in the air quite how well the C4 will score if/when it’s tested.

The C4 does make a noise about how compact (i.e. small) the helmet form is – and that gets a small alarm bell ringing because the smaller a helmet is, the less material there is to absorb shocks and stop it passing through to the rider. But we’ll have to wait until it’s tested to see if that’s the case.

Of course, SHARP also assesses how often that all-important chin guard unlocks during impact testing – because we all want it to stay locked and closed all the time, right?

This one’s the Pulse in silver

Well, Schuberth modulars are usually very good here. Their average score across three tested helmets is 98% (two 97%’s for both the C3 and C3 Pro and a 100% for the now defunct C2) so we hope that the new C4 chin guard will perform just as well.

Onto the rest of the stuff that should help with safety; there’s a nice wide visor and drop-down sun visor for when the sun gets low. Schuberth say the visor is anti-fog but there’s no mention of Pinlock (which we know work well) so we’ll have to wait until it’s been used and tested before we can comment on how well their own anti-fog treatment works.


The Schuberth C4 has a single chin and single crown vent.

The crown vent is opened by the 3-way slider above the vent and feeds air through channels in the shock absorbing lining, through the inner comfort lining and onto the scalp.

The chin vent takes air into the helmet and up onto the rear of the visor. Unusually, the chin vent is opened/closed by pressing the vent rather than sliding. Neat touch that because I, for one, can never remember which way to move the slider to open or close it. So with the C4 you don’t need to!

Both are designed to allow for tons of airflow while keeping the helmet quiet. We’ll let you know if it works once we hear back from C4 owners.

Single chin vent works on a press to open, press to close basis. C4 also has large visor opening

Visor and Sun visor

The main visor is designed to be as large as possible – both horizontally for improved peripheral vision – as well as vertically for good forward vision in a more sporty tuck position. You can find other helmets with large visors if that’s something you’re particularly looking for right here.

It has a couple of opening tabs at the bottom edge of the visor with one on each side; which is exactly how most of us want them so you can open while riding along or while stationery while pulling the clutch in.

The sun visor is operated using a slider to the bottom left edge of the helmet. The slider has a direct connection with the sun visor, meaning you can drop it down to any position you like rather than the fully-up or fully-down only some visors allow.

Integrated Communications

One of the big features of the Schuberth C4 is that fact that they’ve integrated an ariel into the fabric of the helmet and have pre-installed both speakers and a microphone in there. So if you’re serious about your communicators, the C4 is ready to rock.

Schuberth SC1 blutooth is integrated with both C4 and R2 helmets and just slots into the rear of the helmet

Of course, Schuberth would be delighted if you used their own communicator with the system, which is why they’ve worked with bluetooth specialists Sena to develop the SC1 communicator for the C4 (and R2) and designed the helmet to accommodate it.

There’s a couple of panels at the bottom rear of the helmet where the battery slots in place and another where the bluetooth sits. There’s also a companion app so you can configure the communicator and there’s an optional remote too.

Check the video below to see how the SC1 fits into the helmet.

We’ll find out what owners think to their SC1s – and the rest of the C4’s features – once it’s been out for a while; and we’ll add that feedback here.

Chin Guard

The Schuberth C4 isn’t dual-homologated but they have got a very good record for producing helmets with a well designed chin guard in terms of staying locked and closed during impact testing.

The chin guard on the C4 is opened by a single central button. And while with some brands, that can mean it’s prone to open under impact, of all the modular Schuberth helmets tested by SHARP so far, they’ve scored an impressive 98% average for the number of times the chin guards have remained locked. Only Nolan Group helmets have done any better.

Hopefully the Schuberth C4 will do just as well when it gets tested.

C4 Pulse black/white/blue helmet

Comfort & Sizing

Inside the C4, Schuberth use a fabric called ShinyTex. They’re a Chinese company that produces a range of performance fabrics and the one inside the C4 is fast-drying and antibacterial. It’s also fully removable and washable.

They also specify their fabrics are Oko-Tex 100 certified. That’s a certification that ensures fabrics aren’t harmful to the end user. So if you’ve a particularly sensitive skin, it might be worth checking out the C4.

Looks & Graphics

At the time of writing, there’s a limited but classy range of graphics available for the C4. There’s the legacy range that comes in red, orange and yellow – and the Pulse graphics in black/yellow, white/blue and silver/grey. In plain colours, there’s matt/gloss black, gloss white, blue, hi viz yellow and silver.

Gloss helmet also available in white and hi viz versions

As usual, you can see all the designs available at the time of writing up and down this page – but to check them all out in more detail, as well as any more recent releases and deals on the C4, click through to the Schuberth helmets page on our recommended retailer links below.

Best places to buy a Schuberth crash helmet?

We've chosen two of the best places to buy from - whether it's a Schuberth or any other helmet/gear.

If you want piece of mind when you buy, Sportsbikeshop is based in the UK and offers outstanding service (9.8/10 on Trustpilot) including 365 day refunds. They may not always be the cheapest but are our recommended retailer for quality of service.

FC-Moto widely offer the best range of helmets in Europe and score a decent (8.7/10 on Trustpilot) - and are based in Germany. If you want the widest selection, we recommend you buy from here (though don't forget you'll have to add shipping onto their prices (see here for details).

GetGeared is another recommended UK retailer, with a no-quibble 365 day returns policy, free UK delivery and scoring 4.8/5 on eKomi.

Please click any picture below to visit their Schuberth pages where you can see all the latest colour schemes and prices. And if you buy from any, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you - a massive THANKS! (it's how we finance the site). Click here for more info on our recommended retailers.

Click to visit Sportsbikeshop
Click to visit Sportsbikeshop
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Schuberth C4 Video

First off a 3m look around the C4, then a longer 10m unboxing video including fitting the SC1 communicator.

Other stuff – fasteners, weight, buffeting, warranty

The Schuberth C4 comes with a micrometric fastener. It weighs in at around 1.66Kg (3.6lbs) which is about bang on average weight for a modular helmet so you shouldn’t have any issues with weight.

Classy gloss silver C4

Schuberth tests all of their helmets in a wind tunnel to ensure they’re slippery (so reduce buffeting) and aren’t too noisy. We’ll have to wait to hear from owners before we know if the design’s worked of course.

And finally, all Schuberths come with a 5 year warranty – but make sure you register on their website to activate it.


The Schuberth C4 is a great looking modular helmet that’s designed for touring riders but with a sporty edge. With its built-in SC1 headset capabilities (but no word yet on how well it’ll work with other non-Schuberth bluetooth kits), integrated sun visor and large main visor, it certainly ticks quite a few boxes. And if you’ve yet to take the plunge on a communication system and like the look of the C4, that may well be the deciding factor.

Either way, it promises to be an accomplished and stylish flip-up lid. Fingers crossed it delivers.

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You should check out the SHARP 5 star rated Shark Evoline 3 – it’s dual homologated, with sun visor and is a fraction of the price of the C4.

Schuberth C4 in Legacy graphics

Or how about the 4 star safety rated AGV Compact – comfortable and well ventilated with a sun visor too.

Or for a fibreglass helmet that’s a bit more up market, there’s the SHARP 4 star Shoei Neotech. That’s got a wide visor, sun visor and comes with a Pinlock anti fog insert in the box.

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