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May 2017

kabuto-rt33Kabuto RT-33 SHARP 4 star full face helmet – RRP £329, now £199!

The RT-33 is a very competent helmet. It’s a composite fibre full face that was tested by SHARP and awarded an impressive four stars (out of five). Not only is it safe, it’s quiet and comes with a Pinlock in the box. RRP of the plain versions was £329 and it’s now available in black or white for under £200. Graphics versions available for £219. Grab yourself a proper bargain here.

dojo-endo-jacketDojo Endo Waterproof/Armoured Jacket – 40% off

Black all-season jacket that’s got a thermal lining, CE armour at shoulders and elbows and has a waterproof liner. Now with 40% off taking it to £59.99 at Sportsbikeshop.


 Apr 2017

Shoei-VFX-W_MAELSTROMShoei’s VFX-W motocross helmet – 30% off

Shoei’s fantastic, light weight motocross helmet. You can read all about it in our review here and you can find the deal over at FC Moto (Germany) here.


xlite-x1003-helmet-fcmotoX-Lite X-1003 Modular Helmet – £305 (RRP £435)

Here’s a decent deal on the now discontinued flip-front from X-Lite. Read our review here – it’s SHARP 4 star safety rated and does well in just about every respect. You’ll find a wide range of colours and sizes available at our German recommended retailer FCMoto here.

arlen-ness-pro-shift-boots-fcmotoArlen Ness Pro Shift Motorcycle Boots – £165 (were £261)

Loads of different colours available in a wide range of sizes – Arlen Ness make some quality gear and these cowhide boots with plastic protection and titanium slider should sort you out for many years. Click the link to see the entire range (and don’t forget you’ll need to add shipping to those prices).

ls2-ff393-convert-fc-motoLS2 FF393 Convert flip-up – £130 (50% off)

LS2 are getting a good reputation these days and this SHARP 3 star rated helmet is now available at half price at FC-Moto. Don’t forget you’ll have to add shipping from them (cos they’re in Germany) but still, that’s a massive saving on a shiny new helmet for the new riding season. Not many sizes/colours available so hurry. Catch it here.


qbag-waterproof-roll-bag---sbs50 litre Waterproof Roll Bag – £8.99

Don’t think this is on sale but just a great deal. I used one like this to go to the Bol last year and it was ace in the downpours. Black, 50 litre capacity with compression straps. It’s here.


arai-rebel-matt-black-get-gearedArai Rebel Frost Black – £350 (RRP £440)

If you’d like that Arai name on your forehead, the Rebel’s about the lowest-cost way to do it. It’s SHARP 3 star rated but definitely 5 star for comfort and exclusivity – check the helmet out for yourself.


mt-blad-sv-super-r-SBSMT Blade SV Super R – £74.99 (35% off)

OK, so it only scored 3 SHARP stars, but with a Pinlock antifog included and drop down sun visor, this is one hell of a helmet deal – find it here.


shark-s900-matt-black-sbsShark S900 Matt black helmet – £129.99 (35% off)

It’s being advertised at £129.99 – that’s probably off the full MRRP but still, it’s a great SHARP 4 star helmet in moody matt black for a decent price and available in all sizes – you’ll find it here at SportsBikeShop.


RST Striker Textile Jacket – £49.99 (35% off)

If you’re size XXL and are after a waterproof textile jacket with armour at a 35% saving, check the jacket on this link.


26th July 2015

Schuberth SR1 – size XL – £299

Now that’s a deal. A cutting edge sportsbike crash helmet for less than £300 when most are selling it for £500+. Not sure how many they’ll have left at that price but if you pop over to you could pick yourself up one of the best track helmets around – going for a song.


5th June 2015

HJC FG-15 Carbon – £199

It might be discontinued now, but the FG15 is a decent lid (hjc fg 15 crash helmet review) and have got the carbon version on offer for £199 at the mo. The standard version was 1.4Kg which is pretty light so the carbon one will probably be around 1.2Kg which is very light for a SHARP four star rated helmet. Well worth look.


17th Apr 2015

HJC R-PHA 10 Plus – £175

Another crash helmet deal, this time at – they’re selling the HJC R-PHA 10 Plus for £175 (should be about £250) available in the Furia red or white designs. For that you’ll be getting a decent fibreglass helmet with a Pinlock included. You can check out some of the specs here – though these are the plus versions with slighly improved vents and bigger Pinlock.

8th Apr 2015

Shark Speed-R Avenger – £200

Shark S-600 Exit – £90

Shark RSJ Jack Jet Helmet – £100

There’s a Spring sale going on at the Mega Motorcycle Store with the excellent Shark Speed-R being knocked out at a smidge under £200 (that’s £50-80 off RRP) and lesser savings on the S-600 full face and RSJ open face/jet helmet. Good deals all and worth checking out.

6th Feb 2015

Lazer Paname modular helmet, incl bluetooth kit – £149

The Paname is a great flip-up, SHARP 4 star rated lid and Sportsbikeshop are knocking the titanium version out (S & M sizes only) for £149 – with a free bluetooth into the bargain (though ask about fitting the mic first – some owners are struggling).

28th Nov 2014

Shark Race-R – £200

This is a SHARP 5 star rated full face lid that originally retailed for over £300 but is now a smidge under £200 at helmetsuperstore. A great one for sportsbike riders this as it was designed for track use in cahoots with professional racers.

26th Nov 2014

Shoei Qwest for sale at £250

There’s about 100 notes off the RRP of the Shoei Qwest at There are better deals about but usually in plain colours and from overseas dealers. The Qwest is a cracking 5 star safety rated lid and well worth the money.

1st Nov 2014

Shark Speed R (£100),  AGV Skyline (£100), Shark S900 (£50)

There’s what looks like a decent sale going on at the megamotorcyclestore from 1st Nov. Lots of helmets for sale including these notable highlights above. We’re not sure how many there’ll be of each but worth popping over there on the 1st to check out their deals.

30th Oct 2014

HJC CS14 – £60 (25% discount)

It’s a three star SHARP rated full face helmet for £60 from infinity motorcycles. It wasn’t the most expensive crash helmet from new but it’s a reasonable performer at about a 25% discount from RRP so worth a look if you’re buying on a tight budget.

28th Oct 2014

AGV AX8 Dual Evo Tour – quality dual sports helmet over 40% off

The AGV AX8 priced at £190 is a lot of helmet for the money. It’s a composite shelled, dual-sports helmet, meaning it’s suitable for on and off-road use. It hasn’t been SHARP tested for safety, but AGV are generally very good (our joint 3rd safest helmet brand overall) and at 40% off list price, it’s a great deal. The deal extends to two colour schemes only – white/black/red and black/white versions. Check it out here on sportsbikeshop.

23rd Oct 2014

Arai RX-7 GP for sale at £455

Lots of people love Arais because they have great build quality and quality control meaning you get a lovely reliable helmet. And this one’s safe too, having scored 4/5 stars by SHARP. Bikestop have it on sale at 35% off RRP meaning it was £700 and it’s now a much more reasonable £455. Bikestop will do free delivery too and have a 90 day refund policy. Obviously, you could check out our recommended helmets and buy one of those instead – but if you simply must have an Arai RX-7, then this ain’t a bad deal.

20th Oct 2014

Marushin 778 Storm helmet for £50.

Marushin’s are getting a reasonable reputation for making some safe crash helmets. This 778 helmet hasn’t been SHARP tested yet (though the 777 rated a maximum five stars) but it’s a fibreglass helmet with a seat belt fastener and has a good spec on paper. It’s reduced to £50 at J&S, down from £120 so that’s gotta be worth a good look?

17th Oct 2014

AGV K4 helmets on sale at £100

CMC have got a range of colours for sale at a smidge under £100. It’s a good helmet too – SHARP 4 star rated with a composite fibreglass shell. It’s no frills but at this price, it should do the job nicely.

15th Oct 2014

AGV GT Veloce – 35% off

It’s a SHARP 5 star rated full face helmet with a carbon kevlar shell. The GT Veloce orginally retailed for over £300 but Sportsbikeshop have got them discounted to £240 in a range of planish colour schemes. Great safety at a good price so worth checking out.

2nd Oct 2014

Shark RSJ ST – 35% off

If you’re after a decent open face lid with internal sun visor then you might want to give the Shark RSJ ST Starry a look at Sportsbikeshop. They usually retail for about £250 but they’re on sale at £160. Nice. Not sure how safe they are but Shark have a great reputation, coming in at equal 3rd in our all time safety review, so it should be fine.

31st Sept 2014

Held CT-1200 crash helmet on sale at £200

The Held CT-1200 is a light weight flip-up lid with a shell made from carbon fibre. It’s got a sun visor too and it’s pinlock ready. It RRPs for about £330 but G not SHARP tested but Get Geared are knocking some in plain colours out for £200. Well worth a look we’d say.

25th Sept 2014

Nolan N63 – Lorenzo graphics – £a ton

Over at Ministry of Bikes (MOB) they’ve got the Nolan N63 in black/gaudy graphics for sale at a ton. It was never tested for safety, but it’s a Nolan so you should be ok there (Nolan group helmets scored 3 places in our safest helmets top 10). The N63 is light and is Pinlock and Ncom communicator ready. All-for-£100!

24th Sept 2014

Shark Race R – for sale at £190

The Shark Race R is a great crash helmet – SHARP 5 Star rated, composite shell, looks cool and folks love it. It RRPd at around £340 – but helmetsuperstore have got em on sale at £190. You should get that delivered free too. Nice.

22nd Sept 2014

Caberg Vox Daytona – £90

It’s not a massive discount, though every bits worth having, but the Caberg Vox is for sale at a smidge under £90 at Infinity motorcycles at the mo. Discount or not, that’s a great value helmet for not very much wodge. It’s a SHARP 5 star rated (that’s really safe) full face helmet with an integral sun visor.

19th Sept 2014

AGV Numo – £199 down to £129

There seem to be quite a few deals on AGVs around at the moment – which is good because they’re cracking lids and scored 3rd place in our safest helmet brands showdown last time. Anyhow, I digress. The AGV Numo is a 4 star rated flip-up helmet that was about £250 when launched but Bikestop are bashing them out for £129 in black or white. We’ve not tested it yet, but that sounds like a deal to us.

17th Sept 2014

AGV K4 & K3 – £115 or £90

Sportsbikeshop have also got a range of AGV K4s and K3s for sale – K3s from about £90 and K4s from about £115 (depending on graphics). That’s pretty good going; both are current helmets and K3s used to be somewhere between £120 & £150 and K4s around £180 so that’s a fair old discount for a brace of SHARP 4 star helmets. You can read our quick review of the AGV K3 here or see the deals on AGV helmets here.

13th Sept 2014

Shoei XR-1100 – £189

The deals on the XR1100 keep on getting better. Sportsbikeshop are knocking off the plain white version for £189 – that’s a cracking deal for what was, until recently, our top rated helmet. They’re doing it because it’s been discontinued – but that just means better deals for us. To read our review on the lid, check this out. To see the deal at Sportsbikeshop, click here.

8th Sept 2014

Schuberth S2 on offer – £350

About average for safety, but a great crash helmet in every other respect – the Schuberth S2 is on sale at for £350. It’s probably safe to say they’re in the less popular colour schemes but still, you get a lot of helmet for the money (they originally retailed for £450). Check out our S2 helmet review here.

Shoei XR1100 deal

It’s been discontinued so are getting rid. But it’s still a fantastic helmet (in fact it’s one of our top 10 lids) so it’s definitely worth your brass – and they’re being offloaded for £250.

7th Sept 2014

Box BX-2 full face helmet for sale by Lidsdirect

It was never the most expensive helmet when launched, but it’s a four star SHARP rated helmet so it offers good safety levels – and have got them for sale for £24.99 so you really shouldn’t go far wrong!

5th Sept 2014

Nolan N86 helmet on sale

Over at they’ve some Nolan N86 crash helmets for sale. They retailed around £170 when new and generally sell for about £140ish in most places, but they’re down to a ton at MOB in a few nice black/white combo colour schemes. Check out or review of the N86 here.

3rd Sept 2014

Arai Axces

It’s not the latest version of this helmet, but if that doesn’t bother you, then are selling the Arai Axces in white for £180. And while we’re there, they’ve also got an Arai Quantum in diamond black for £270. They retailed for over £450 when first launched so you’ll be grinning all over your face if you pick one up for that price! It’s only a modest 3 star SHARP rated though.

3rd Sept 2014

Airoh Dragon Star

A Composite fibre full face lid that’s SHARP 4 star rated for safety. RRP on this one was over £250 but they’re on sale in Star Red designs at ghostbikes for £125. Well worth a look.

1st Sept 2014

Thor Verge S14 Motocross Helmet

Decent deal on this fibreglass motocross helmet. They were originally over £200 and are selling them for a smidge under £155.

28th August 2014

HJC CL-ST 2 Union Jack Helmet

SHARP 3 star full face polycarb helmet that’s good for glasses wearers decorated in a stylised Union Jack design. This helmet retailed around £110 when it came out and are doing them for £59.99 at the mo.

27th August 2014

Lazer Paname MK flip-up helmet red/white

This one retailed about £150 when launched. It scores 4/5 in the SHARP tests too. It’s a flip up with an integral sun visor and it looks cool in this colour scheme – but only available in small and extra small sizes for a smidge under £90 at in their clearance helmets section. Comes with a Pinlock antifog included too.

26th August 2014

Box SZ-1 flip-up helmet in silver

If you’re after a flip-up but have got practically nowt to spend, this might be your lucky day. The Box SZ-1 is a SHARP 3 star modular lid that’s Pinlock ready and has an integral sun visor – all for £29.99! That’s amazeballs value at Get em while they’re still there as they’ll go fast at that price!

20th August 2014

HJC CS-14 full face helmet

The CS14 was never that expensive – if memory serves me it was about £80 when new. But have it for £29.99 in silver at the moment which is a steal. It’s three star rated so not the best in terms of safety, but HJCs are usually pretty well built and it’s rated as safer than many helmets from better known manufacturers – so well worth a look.

17th August 2014

Shark Vision R at helmetsuperstore

The Shark Vision R is a nice glass fibre full face helmet and is on sale at for £189. It’s actually the Vision R 2 in very attractive Escapade red/white/green colours. They’ve also got the plain white Vision R but that’s £245. You’ll find most Vision Rs well over £200 so this is a pretty good deal.

16th August 2014

Held CT-1200 for sale at Get Geared

Good deal this on a Held. It’s not one we’ve reviewed but Held are getting a decent reputation in crash helmets and this CT1200 flip up lid with integral sun visor should retail at closer to £300. As it is, www.getgeared have it on sale at a smidge under £200 so it might be worth a look.

13th August 2014

AGV GP-Tech eye, K3 or Skyline helmets on offer have got some decent prices on AGVs – with their top of the range GP-Tech with Valentino Rossi eyeball graphics going for £349 (cracking helmet that). They’ve also got K3s and Skylines on offer for £119 and £169 respectively. Good deals for some great lids – all scoring either 4 or 5 stars in the SHARP safety test.

11th August 2014

HJC RPHA Max for sale have a bit of a clearance of R-PHA Maxs at the moment. We thought it was just a swell helmet in our review. Their RRP is usually about £350 but JS are selling em for about £250 which is pretty good.

1st August 2014

Shoei Qwest on offer are offering Shoei Qwests for £239.99. Good price that for a cracking helmet. Check our review – it’s one of the best we’ve rated.

Shoei XR1100 have also got an XR-1100 in white going for £214.99 which is a bargain for a top quality helmet (and in our top 10 best helmet list)

AGV Pista Soleluna

£599 at RRP for this helmet was £999 and is regularly being sold for around £850 so this is a pretty hot price.

R-PHA 10+ Jorge Lorenzo

£299.99 again from This is going for over £400 in quite a few places so it’s a solid discount if you’re wanting to look like a sulky Spaniard who’s lost his mojo 🙂


30th July 2014


It was already cheap, retailing for around the ton, but there’s a mini helmet sale going on at at the mo, who are knocking it out at a smidge under £50. Good deal for an HJC full face helmet in particularly retiring colours! Ahem.

There’s a couple of other helmets going at a decent price at Infinity too:

Shoei XR1100

is one of our all time top 10 helmets, and they’re flogging them off in plan colours at £249. You can find them cheaper if you look around, but you can also find them for over £300 so it’s a good price.

Scorpion Exo 500 Login

This is a very good price though. They’re going for around £150+ at the moment, but Infinity are selling them for £99.99. Well worth a look.