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Summary: A lower-priced helmet with great features and build quality. Excellent ventilation, good visibility, good visor removal mechanism, good build quality and good comfort. Great for the price.

  • Now replaced by AGV K3 SV
  • Four Star SHARP safety rated (out of 5)
  • 1.46Kg
  • Thermoplastic Shell
  • Anti-fog/scratch visor
  • Noise suppression – below average
  • Typical price £100-£150 (depending on paint scheme)
The K3 is a mid-range mid-priced helmet from AGV. It’s sold as a kind of sports/street helmet – though if you want to check out the details, don’t bother checking out the AGV website as it’s the most useless site in the northern hemisphere! Still, that doesn’t matter as we’ve got all the most relevant info here – compiled from reviews from users and websites around the net.

Looking to buy this AGV?

It's no longer widely available, but the last time we checked there were some good deals at SportsBikeShop (UK) and Amazon. Please see here for more info on our recommended stores or click the links above to go straight to their AGV helmets pages.

Shell and Ventilation

Overall, the K3 is regarded as a good quality helmet that has features and finish of helmets twice the price. As long as you’ve got an AVG-shaped head (pretty round) it seems to be a great buy. The shell is constructed from thermoplastic with the standard chin and forehead ventilation points. Shell shape is particularly aerodynamic and users say they find the helmet shape reduces buffeting at high speed. One thing to note is that many of the premium brand/priced helmets are produced with several shell moulds to accommodate the different sizes. The AGV K3 doesn’t – AGV produce just one shell size which means smaller helmets will have more padding and larger helmets, less. That’s not ideal and arguably might produce a helmet that looks too big for XS head-sizes and too small forXXL. We reckon it may also reduce safety.
Ventilation is excellent with users saying the chin vents are particularly great at demisting the visor. One rider said he doesn’t even need to crack the visor when it’s cold – however, like most helmets, assume that if it’s cold and wet and you’re moving slowly, you’ll probably need to crack the visor some to keep mist-free.


There’s a flip-side to the great ventilation though. Most riders report the helmet’s quite noisy with the positioning of the vents being the culprit. The vents can also give the occasional whistle for some riders (at 60mph+ speeds).


The latest mechanism for changing the visor is regarded as a great improvement with a simple pull-down tab on one side to remove the visor. Previous AGVs were much more confusing (check out our guide on how to remove your AGV visor). The chin strap is a double-d affair (which AGV seem to call (incorrectly!) a ‘micrometric’ fastener) and has good padding.
All round, the K3 is a good helmet that should satisfy all but the most demanding users. Good safety, great performance (except for the  noise) and good price. A well recommended crash helmet. If you’re looking for other crash helmets for sale, please check out our crash helmets for sale tag section, or click the ‘reviews‘ link in the main menu.

If you’ve experience of the AGV K-3, please add a comment below – we’d love to know your experiences!

Best place to buy this AGV crash helmet?

It's been discontinued for a while now, but the last time we checked you could still buy it from SportsBikeShop (UK) who also offer competitive prices, free delivery and 365 day returns backed by outstanding reviews.It was also at Amazon but, as always, make sure you only buy from the highest rated vendors.

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