Ruroc Atlas 3.0 motorcycle helmet


Ruroc Atlas 3.0: evolution of the Atlas carbon fibre street helmet.

Ruroc continues it’s move from Snowboard to Motorbike gear with the Ruroc Atlas 3.0, a carbon fibre full face helmet with the emphasis very much on its mean and moody street fighter looks.

Ruroc Atlas 3 Core with optional orange mirror visor

The old Atlas 2.0 was a decent enough helmet but did have a few issues; namely it was fairly loud and the visor seal was a bit, erm, draughty. So, Ruroc has listened to owners and has addressed some of these problems with the release of their Atlas 3 helmet.

All Atlas 3 helmets are made in carbon fibre using an entry-level aerospace quality carbon weave called T300. And it’s now made in 3 different shell sizes which is great news because it means XS helmet wearers won’t have to wear a helmet shell that’s too big for them. It’s great for comfort and looks too.

Front view of the Carbonized Inferno Atlas 3

The older Atlas 2 scored a very solid SHARP 4 star rating for safety. And now the Atlas 3.0 has been tested too and it scored exactly the same with a great 4 star rating, meaning you can expect the Ruroc Atlas 3.0 to offer excellent impact protection too.

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That’s great to see of course, but don’t forget whatever helmet you buy, it needs to fit just right and be comfortable as possible as fitting is vitally important to getting a helmet that maximises protection.

Ruroc Atlas 3 SHARP test results
8.5 m/s test results for the Ruroc
Atlas 3 – courtesy of

I’m going to go out on a limb here, but i’m guessing that most owners are gonna be taken by the looks of the Atlas 3? I know… risky assumption. But looks aside, the Atlas 3.0’s got some useful features too.

The shell’s not massively lightweight for a carbon helmet – Ruroc’s own figures put it around 1.4-1.6Kg, but it has got EQRS and the fastener’s a super easy to use fidlock which removes most of the hassle out of fastening a helmet – especially if you’re still using a helmet with a double-d ring.

Ruroc Atlas 3 La Calavera

The Atlas 3’s toolless visor mechanism is a bit clunky and fiddly compared to some of the latest quick release visors and probably something they’ll look to address with the Atlas 4 I’d guess. But they have made it nice and wide and it’s Pinlock antifog ready with a Pinlock in the box.

It’s also delivered with a spare dark tint visor which is a good touch.

Pricing wise, it’s probably what you’d expect to pay for a carbon helmet. But if you are looking for a mean streetfighter style helmet, there are some great alternatives out there you might want to consider.

Alternatives to the Ruroc Atlas 3.0?

Shoei Ex-Zero retro helmet in gloss red yellow side view
Shoei Ex-Zero

You can check out our Coolest Motorbike Helmets and our Retro Helmets pages to see some of the most stylish lids around. But here’s a few others you might want to check out.

Shoei’s Ex Zero is based on their old motocross helmet from the 80’s and looks properly badass. It’s a fibreglass helmet that’s super light weight and uses their tried-and-tested AIM shell tech.

icon airform lycan red motorbike helmet front view
Icon Airform

Icon are known for their crazy graphics of course, but they’re also know for making helmets that are pretty cheap too. The Icon Airform is a polycarb helmet and comes with an optically correct visor and integral sun visor.

simpson venom carbon fibre full face helmet front view
Carbon fibre Simpson Venom

The daddy of all the coolest looking bike helmets has to be a Simpson, and the Simpson Venom is also a top notch street helmet. It’s SHARP 4 star safety rated, has an integral sun visor and comes in composite or carbon fibre versions.

bell broozer modular motorcycle helmet arc matte black front view
Bell Broozer

Finally, if you like the idea of a full face that converts into an open face, then take a look at the Bell Broozer. It’s light weight, has a protective chin bar and comes with a clear and dark visor in the box. It’s half the price of the Ruroc too.


  1. firstly enjoyed the review, As an owner of a Simpson venom Carbon for a while now, i decided to buy an Atlas 3 to give it a try, and yes i was drawn by the look. It arrived yesterday so can only give a first impression point of view. Really well packaged and the extra visor could save a bit of money. You are correct in regards to the visor fitting though, it is awkward to use compared to the Simpson quick release, and there are no replacement screws on their website. The Bluetooth is a clever idea and very easy to fit. I will update on comfort and sound when i test ride it. The Simpson doesn’t score to well on the sound point, so fingers crossed the Atlas3 will score better. But that’s what’s earplugs are for anyway. Loud Panigale V4 isn’t necessarily a very fair test anyway.
    Thanks for the great reviews keep it up.


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