The big-bottomed helmet is here. Meet the Arai Profile V.


Arai Profile V (US Regent X) motorcycle helmet review.

The Arai Profile V (sold as the Regent X in the US) is Arai’s second-in-line full face helmet, after the entry level Arai Debut.

Which means it doesn’t cost as much as most Arais. Yet looking down the features list, it seems to offer just about the same amount of tech and features as most.

Which could mean it offers particularly decent value for money – especially for a hand built and premium Arai helmet.

It uses the same ‘R75’ round helmet shape as the rest of the range, and it’s made using the same tech – namely a fibreglass laminate using Arai’s proprietary ‘superfibres’ which Arai say are an improved grade of fibreglass.

It uses the same fasteners, visor tech and venting system you’ll find on many other models too.

But there is one feature that marks the Profile V out from the rest of the range – apart from the lower price and the use of a one-piece multi-density liner inside (some use multi-piece EPS liners).

And that’s the big bottom that Arai’s added to the Profile V. Or rather they’ve splayed out the bottom of the helmet a bit to make it easier to get on/off.

So, if struggling pull your helmet on is a problem you have and/or if you’re after an all-rounder helmet and like the idea of wearing an Arai, then the Profile V might be a great place to start your helmet search.

  • Composite/Fibreglass full face helmet
  • Designed to be easier to get on/off
  • SHARP 4 star safety rated
  • Pinlock Max Vision antifog included
  • D-ring fastener
  • 1.55Kg (heavier than average)
  • Sizes XS-XL
  • Expect to pay £370-£420

Best places to buy an Arai Profile V?

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arai profile v bend motorcycle helmet hi viz side view
Profile V in hi viz fluo Bend design


The Arai Profile V is Arai’s all-rounder full face helmet that they’ve designed to be easy to slip-on and take off.

If you find helmets difficult enough to get on or off, then you’ll probably be particularly interested in the Profile V, because people find it works really well and once on, it’s a particularly comfortable helmet too.

The Profile V is a mid-priced Arai that includes much of the helmet tech Arai has spent a lifetime developing for a similar price to many other premium helmets.

It’s got a decent visor system with a Pinlock included, which is always good to see. It’s a very well built helmet like all Arai’s and it uses quality materials throughout, including a particularly nice plush and comfy interior.

It’s also a pretty quiet helmet too, works well if you wear glasses, it’s got good aero capabilities (stable, little buffeting) and, compared to most other Arai’s, it’s actually decent value for money too.

And most importantly, it should give good levels of impact protection too since the helmet testing guys at SHARP scored it 4 Stars (out of 5).

So, if you’re after a great all-rounder full face helmet that’s well built (with a quality brand name to match) then the Profile V is definitely worth a butchers.


 (more about helmet safety)

Arai uses lots of moderately ludicrous wordage to describe their helmet tech. In the case of the Profile V that’s PB e-cLc R75.

Arai Profile V in Rock graphics showing off Arai’s super round R75 shell form

Essentially, that means it’s a fancy fibreglass composite construction (the e-cLC bit) with some extra strengthening in a band around the head (PB) – which is what Arai uses in most of their helmets.

The R75 part relates to the very round shape of Arai helmets which Arai says helps it ‘glance off’ stuff during an accident rather than dig in and spin your head.

Minimising the rotation of the head and the movement of the brain within the skull is 100% an important role of energy management with any helmet during an accident.

However, we’re not sure how much of the ‘glancing off’ theory has ever been scientifically demonstrated. To our knowledge Arai hasn’t published any scientific papers on it and it seems to be generated through observation rather than provable science.

Anyhow, I digress. What is certain is that Arai helmets – after getting steadily better in terms of SHARP safety test ratings in recent years – have suffered a setback. Their last two tested ECE helmets – the Arai Renegade V and the Arai Axces III – both dropped down to 3 stars out of 5 when safety tested by SHARP. That’s an OK but not great score, especially when you consider the usual price of Arai helmets and how their marketing bumf is always banging on about safety first.

The good news for Arai is that the Profile V scored 4 stars when it was tested by SHARP. That complements the US version (called the Regent X) being given a Snell rating which is another thumbs up for protection – though it’s possible it’s a slightly different spec helmet from the Eu Profile V.

Onto other stuff – the helmet’s kept secure using a double-d ring fastener which are low tech and can be a bit fiddly to use compared to micrometric fasteners. Buy hey, if you want an Arai, you’ll have to put up with a double-d as they’re the only ones they use.

This one’s only in the US as the Regent X Sensation blue frost colourway

The Profile’s made in 3 helmet shell sizes; that’s pretty optimal for safety, fit and look – so you shouldn’t be wearing a helmet that looks to big or small for your body size.

And word is that the visor is nice and wide to give good peripheral vision, and it comes Pinlock-ready with a Pinlock in the box to keep your vision fog-free.

The Profile V misses out on a few other safety features we’d like to see – such as EQRS or even a drop down sun visor to keep the sun out of your eyes (FYI Arai has never made a helmet with an internal sun visor, opting for their external pro-shield system instead).

But other than that, the Arai Profile V seems to cover the basics well and we expect it to be a safe place to stick your bonce.

Helmet Noise

(more about helmet noise)

There’s a decent amount of padding inside the helmet but there’s also a stack of vent holes which can let noise in as well as air.

Same goes for that enlarged opening which should be a great way for road noise and wind to get inside.

Having said that, Arais are known for a relatively slippery shell shape and there is a (fixed) chin curtain on the bottom designed to stop wind (and noise) getting into the helmet.

And the good news is that the majority of owners reckon it’s a pretty quiet helmet. Sure there are one or two who say it’s noisy, but then there always are with every helmet. And as usual the perception of helmet noise is very individual and dependent on you, your bike, how fast you ride etc. etc.

But overall, we found many more Arai Profile V owners saying it’s quiet than noisy, so hopefully you will too if you buy one!


(more about helmet ventilation)

You’ve got the usual Arai array of ventilation inlets in the Profile V – that means a decent sized chin bar vent, a couple of visor vents and a pair of crown vents up top.

Another hi vis – this time the Profile V Patch. Click the links to our recommended retailers to see more colours

That chin vent is easy to operate because it’s got a nice big flap in it but, according to several owners, the others are a bit fiddly, especially in winter gloves.

Like anything, most riders found that after a bit of practice they got used to them, but they’re not ideal for adjusting on the move – especially when the helmet’s new and the mechanisms are a bit stiff.

The chin bar and visor vents direct air onto the back of the visor and the forehead – and reviews we’ve found seem to reckon they’re effective. Couple that copious visor ventilation with the supplied Pinlock Max Vision visor insert and that should keep your vision free in all but the worst weather.

What’s least effective are the crown vents.

Not only are they a bit of a fiddle because there’s two of them and they use smaller slider buttons which are difficult to find on the move – but most owners say they don’t channel a great amount of air into the helmet. There are five exhaust vents at the back of the helmet but it seems the routing of the air inside the helmet is poor.

So don’t expect your head to be kept mega cool when it’s hot weather; although you can expect decent ventilation to your face and visor.


(more about visors)

There’s a couple of ‘cons’ but quite a few ‘pros’ when it comes to the Arai Profile V’s visor.

Word is it’s nice and wide and gives good peripheral vision – which is always something worth having.

arai profile v tube motorcycle helmet side view
Profile V in Tube design

It works on friction so you can have the visor hold open anywhere from the cracked-open defogging position to fully open: and it should stay there at legal speeds which is good.

Plus, the Profile V comes Pinlock-ready out of the box and there’s a large Pinlock antifog insert – a Max Vision – that comes along with the helmet. That means if you suffer from fogging, you can whack on the Pinlock and it’ll solve most of your fogging woes.

And there’s Arai’s usual visor lock on there too. They’re basic tech but it’s effective and pretty simple to use: close the visor firmly down and a pin will locate in the hole in the visor to lock it closed. Push the lever up with your thumb and it’ll unlock and open the visor.

I doubt most of us actually need a visor lock for road riding – and a few owners find them fiddly or a bit annoying – but it’s there on the Profile V and doesn’t really get in the way for most.

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Cons? Well they’re not massive but people tend to either love or loathe Arai’s quick release visor mechanism, used to swap out or remove the visor.

It’s less fiddly than their old system and it’s still tool-less, but it’s also less intuitive than some helmet manufacturers manage.

arai profile v motorcycle helmet calm red side view
Classy Calm Red solid. Plain colours also include black, white and modern grey

Open the visor, press the side-plate release button and pull off the plates (they’ll dangle off a string rather than drop down the side of the sofa like the old ones would!) then rotate the visor down and the visor will pull off for cleaning or swapping out.

It takes a bit of learning but most owners soon get the hang of it.

Another slight niggle is that the opening tab is on the left – that’s pretty common but means you’ve to reach round to the left of the helmet with your right hand if you’re sat at the lights with the clutch in for example.

It’s not a massive problem but it can be a bit of a pain when it’s red hot and you’re gasping to get some air in.

All in all though, it’s a decent visor mechanism with a good field of view that does all the basics well.

Comfort and Sizing

(more about comfort and sizing)

There’s plenty of plush padding inside the Profile V and the vast majority of owners find it’s a super comfy place to put their heads. The Profile V is designed for riders with medium-oval head shapes although we did find a few riders with more rounded heads saying they found it very comfortable too.

The cheek pads and a top sweat band are removable for washing and de-stinking but, unusually, the very top cap of the padding stays in the helmet.

arai profile v motorcycle helmet modern grey rear view
Rear of the ‘Modern Grey’ Profile V

Like most premium helmets, those cheek pads are moulded to fit your cheek/jawline for improved comfort and Arai uses foam ‘springs’ to keep the fit snug to the face (what Arai calls its Facial Contour System).

And if you find they’re too tight or too loose, you can buy thicker/thinner replacements from Arai to get the fit you need. Same goes for that sweat band too. Replacement cheek pads will cost you somewhere between £40-£50 though.

Behind those cheek pads you’ll find a reasonably generous pair of pockets for your comms unit speakers.

There’s a built-in chin curtain on the bottom of the helmet too to keep out the worst of the wind and noise (not necessarily a good thing if you’re riding on a hot day!).

And of course there’s that extra 5mm flared shell at the bottom of the helmet to give you a bit more room to put the helmet on without it trying to pull your ears off. Several owners said it really helped them and makes the helmet much easier to use.

Arai don’t make any particular claims about the internal materials used in the Profile V but folks seem to think they’re good quality and particularly plush and comfortable, with a few riders commenting that it’s the most comfortable helmet they’ve ever owned.

Sizing’s reported to be about spot on – so your usual helmet size should be right (if you’re unsure, read our helmet fitting guide and measure your head before ordering).

Looks & Graphics

You’d probably be hard pressed to spot a great deal of external difference between the Profile V and most of the rest of the Arai range.

Arai says it’s designed to be sportier and more aggressive. But given it’s got the same headform as the rest of their range, let’s be kind and say it’s a subtle difference.

arai profile v Bend helmet side view
This is the Profile V in Bend graphics. Also in red and yellow.

Which ain’t a problem as it’s kinda Arai’s trademark look. And when you’re spending big bucks on a helmet like you will be with most Arais, you might well want folks to easily spot what you’re wearing.

To help differentiate the Profile V from the rest of the range, Arai has thrown an awful lot of graphic options at it, and there’s always more coming out (so click through to our recommended retailers below to find the latest designs and deals available).

At the time of writing, Copy, Bend, Tube, Patch, Impulse and Rock are the names they’ve given to their current range of Profile Vs (as well as the Sensation colourways if you’re looking at the US Regent X).

And if you’re looking for a plain solid colour, there’s the usual blacks/whites along with a ‘modern grey’ and ‘calm red’ that you’ll have already passed further up this page.

Best places to buy an Arai Profile V helmet?

Please click below to visit the Arai Profile V helmets pages at our recommended stores. And if you buy from one, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

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Arai Profile V Video

Here’s a pretty useful 7m video from Arai showing you the main features of the Profile V.

Other stuff – weight, build quality, aero, glasses, warranty

The Arai Profile V isn’t the lightest full face helmet. It weighs around 1.55Kg which is around 50g heavier than the average fibreglass full face. That slight extra weight isn’t noticeable when you’re riding though.

Arai helmets are hand built and are known for using quality materials. The Profile V is no exception with a high level of finish and build quality according to loads of owners we came across.

It seems Arai has done a good job in the wind tunnel when designing the Profile V as word is that it’s got good aero qualities, with little buffeting or lifting at speed and excellent stability, even on the track.

We also came across some riders who reckoned it’s a comfortable helmet if you’re a glasses wearer, with plenty of space at the sides to fit in the arms of glasses and a nice large visor aperture to accommodate the lenses.

The Profile V will come with Arai’s class-leading warranty. That’s a 7 year warranty from date of manufacture, or 5 years from date of purchase.

Good Alternatives to the Arai Profile V?

If you’re after a good quality full face helmet, then we recommend you check out these bad boys.

arai profile V diamond white helmet side view
Diamond White Profile V

First up and costing a bit more than the Profile V is the tried and tested, SHARP 5 star safety rated Arai QV-Pro. It’s another fibreglass helmet that comes with a Pinlock insert and Arai’s Pro Shield sun visor.

If you’re after a helmet to go with your sportsbike or sports tourer, the Bell Stars have a variety of SHARP 5 star rated helmets to suit most budgets. They’re composite or carbon fibre shelled and are great helmets.

Shoei’s Ryd is another max safety rated helmet. It’s a highly rated all-rounder helmet that comes with EQRS as well as that legendary Shoei build quality.

Finally, for the price of a Profile V, you can get the full carbon Shark Spartan. It’s super cool looking, comes with a Pinlock, and is SHARP 4 star safety rated.

Other full face helmets?

We've got lots of other ways you can find your ideal full face helmet. You can check out our Top 10 full-face crash helmets list to see our best rated helmets or head over to our Smartish Filters pages and zoom in on helmets with your 'must have' features. You can browse through all our full face crash helmet reviews as well as our safest motorcycle helmets page where you'll only find helmets that are SHARP four or five star rated - so you'll know you're wearing the best protection out there. Finally, check out our helmet gallery to find a lid that takes your fancy.

Best places to buy an Arai Profile V?

Please click below to visit the Arai Profile V helmets pages at our recommended stores. And if you buy from one, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you – a massive THANKS! (it’s how we finance the site).

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arai-profile-v-and-regent-x-motorcycle-helmet-reviewThe Arai Profile V is a well liked helmet that's proven to be a great all rounder. It's SHARP 4 star safety rated (max 5), it's very comfortable, quiet, has a decent Pinlock visor and great aero characteristics. And while it might be lacking a few bells and whistles of some of its competition such as sun visor or EQRS, it's actually good value... for an Arai. So if you're looking for that Arai quality in an all-rounder helmet that won't empty your bank account, then you should probably take a look at the Profile V.


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